Use of RPA

Any of these points or in combination may lead you to identify a potential RPA opportunity:

  1. Data searching
  2. Data gathering from disparate systems & in varying amounts of data
  3. Data retrieval
    1. Screen capture
    2. Websites
    3. Scripting
  4. Data cleansing
  5. Data updating & collating
  6. Data analysis
  7. Automatic form filling
  8. Multiple/ concurrent data entry
    1. Multiple applications/ systems/ tools/ database updating
  9. High data volume work in general
  10. Repeatable, computer processes
  11. Ruled based processes
    1. Objective decision making, no judgement calls necessary
    2. Simple or complex decisions that can be managed by algorithms
  12. Transaction processing
  13. Formatting & reporting
    1. Gather/ deconstruct available data into structured formats/ reports
  14. In system upgrades
  15. Email/ notifications triggering & escalations
    1. Events triggering actions
    2. Email & notifications sent to multiple recipients/ stakeholders
  16. Files transfer with FTP/ Web

Environments ideal for RPA

  1. Highly regulated activities in the BFSI & Healthcare
  2. High security/ data sensitive processes
  3. Fluctuating volumes
  4. High employee turnover industries
  5. High data volumes with potential for variations
  6. Predictability of work requirement
  7. Work that can be performed out of business hours
  8. Location in stable environment