Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – technology that allows a software “robot” to emulate an otherwise manual business process and then execute that process automatically, reliably, and routinely.

RPA as a Service – Robotic Process Automation furnished as a cloud-based dynamic product, designed to provide automations based on specific needs.

Data Tractor – a company delivering RPA as a service for the small to mid-sized business. Our clients need RPA efficiencies, but time and capital commitments prevent achieving these efficiencies. Through our secure hosting environment, we offer custom RPA solutions in the form of both user-assisted bots as well as unassisted automatically-triggered bots to automate processes for our customers.

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

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RPA By Industry

HR, Financial, Purchase Order Processing, email monitoring, log processing & notification, claims processing & escalation... & the list goes on & on. Data Tractor has the expertise and tools to…

RPA for Small to Mid-sized Business

Think RPA is only for the large enterprise?  Absolutely NOT! Based upon recent studies, it is estimated that almost half of SMBs in the United States have implemented RPA in…

Use of RPA

Any of these points or in combination may lead you to identify a potential RPA opportunity: Data searching Data gathering from disparate systems & in varying amounts of data Data…
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